Stockholm PNS WASH Advisors Final Agenda

Thursday 27th First Session Theme: Emergency Related Issues.
1.1 A short PP overview
1.2 Overview of developments and innovation in IFRC WASH SURGE

1.3 DRAFT - New configurations for ERU Water Supply Modules

Thursday 27th Second Session Theme: RAMP Full Project Cycle Management.
2.1 A short PP overview.

.2 RAMP Where are we now? Rania PP

2.3 Brief Leaflet - Measuring Impact and Sustainability.

2.4 RAMP Base line example report - Ivory Coast.

2.5 RAMP for monitoring and evaluation - Ivory Coast.

2.6 Impact Tracker

Friday 28th Third Session Theme: WASH Software (Emergency & Development).
3.1 A short PP overview

3.2 Video link for pre-watching
3.3 Taking Stock: Maintaining and Improving RC RC Hygiene Promotion Capacity

3.4 Consultancy ToR - Revision of Software Guidelines

3.5 PHAST Study Austrian RCS brief summary

Friday 28th Fourth Session Theme: Development Related, GWSI, SDG's, Harmonisation & RM,
4.1 A short PP overview

Stockholm PNS Advisors meeting - GWSI Mapping Analysis 2014 -15 final RF

4.3 FLAGSHIP Projects - a short concept note.

4.4 OFID Funding Guidelines.

4.5 USAID Funding Mission Report.

4.6 DRAFT Post MDG GWSI Checklist Noor Pwani.

Friday 28th Fifth Session Theme: Developmental WASH, Centralised systems, sustainability and impact, Urban WASH.
5.1 A short PP overview

5.2 Stockholm PNS Advisors meeting DANCROSS Danida Report - One Stop Shop

5.3 Stockholm PNS WASH Advisors Meeting NORCROSS Guidelines Rural Pipelines.

5.4 Stockholm PNS WASH Advisors meeting WEDC Paper WASH sustainability in Malawi.

5.5 Stockholm PNS Advisors Meeting NORCROSS WEDC RWANDA Sustainability.

5.6 Stockholm PNS Advisors Meeting WORLD BANK URBAN WASH State of the Sector


Friday 28th Sixth and final Session Theme: Sanitation Strategy or Movement Agenda.
6.1 A short PP overview

6.2 Getting the Balance Right

6.3 Ten principles for sanitation

6.4 Sanitation Marketing